Electric cars have a smaller footprint

Climate change is the issue defining our current era and EVs are a simple and effective way of seriously reducing our carbon footprint.

About 80% of electricity generated in New Zealand is made from renewable sources. This means when you charge an EV, you're using a tiny amount of fossil fuels in comparison to a petrol car. Pollution isn't just limited to CO2 either, there are other nasty things blasted out of exhause pipes, like carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, smog and other toxic engine emissions. None of these are emitted when you drive an EV.
Even when you take manufacturing and shipping into account, an electric vehicle in New Zealand still has 60% fewer emissions than a petrol car.
Plus you can recycle the battery, or stick it on the side of your house, get a few solar panels on your roof and reduce your energy bill even more!

20% of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. Electric vehicles are not a magic bullet, but they are a large part of a bigger solution.

Electric cars are cheaper to run 

There are no petrol costs for an electric vehicle. None. Nada. Zip. And the maintenance costs are much lower too.
Using electricity and charging at home, it's equivalent to about 30c per 'litre' to charge an EV - why pay seven times that to top up your petrol car?
We drove a Nissan Leaf from Auckland to Wellington and paid $38 for "fuel" (electricity). The same trip costs around $100 for petrol in our standard petrol car.

EVs have very low maintenance costs. An electric motor only has about 20 moving parts. You don't need to change oil, there are no filters, no gearbox or drive belt etc. And the regenerative breaking means the break pads are seldom used.
Leaf owners typically report only having to replace tyres and windscreen wipers in the time that they have owned the cars.

There are also currently no road user charges for EVs.

There is a close EV community

Fossil fuels are having a negative impact on our environment. Over 20% of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions come from the transport sector

The Government has recognised this, and is making electric vehicles a priority with its Electric Vehicles Programme.
The program is providing benefits to everyday New Zealanders who use electric vehicles (EVs) - for example, making early owners of electric cars exempt from paying road user charges and creating EVRoam, a central charging station database.

EV Dealers around the country are providing advice, support and EV services. Start ups and small businesses like Eco Geek Co are meeting home charging needs while car share and rental companies, like Blue Cars, MEVO, Yoogo and Power Trip give you the opportunity to try an EV before you buy one.

If you want to become part of the community, a good place to start is the NZ EV Owners facebook group




There are a lot of ways to shrink your transportation footprint

We would love to see more New Zealanders choosing to drive using electricity instead of petrol and we realise that buying one can be a big commitment!
So we are working hard to answer the questions and solve the problems that are standing between you and your switch to electric transportation.

If you own a business and want to support and encourage EV drivers in New Zealand, consider registering with Power Trip and offering a deal to support EV drivers with the app

If you've never driven an EV before, Take one for a spin today!

If you are looking at buying a new car, consider alternative options, like car share schemes or talk to a local dealer about your electric options.
In Auckland you could talk to GVI,  Volt Vehicles or Blue Cars
In Taupo you could talk to EV Central or Drive EV
In Wellington you could talk to GVI, Coventry Cars or Gazely
In Christchurch you could talk to EV City