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Convenience for EV Drivers

Electric vehicles (EVs) are exciting, fun and ridiculously cheap to drive. Not to mention the huge environmental benefits. 

But we get it, what use is a car with 200km range if you need to cover 400km on the long weekend holiday trips? How do you avoid a flat battery?

We've been there, we've spent hours planning electric road trips, and still accidentally run our batteries flat at 10 pm in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't fun.

So, we've built Power Trip to make electric vehicle travel easy, convenient and simple for everyone.

What does the app do?

  1. Predicts your driving range and finds charging stations nearby
    You can use Power Trip to plan an EV road trip.
    The app looks at the changes in road terrain and driving speed along the way, compares the route options to your chosen EV and plans a trip that includes charging stops along the way.

  2. Finds exclusive deals at EV friendly locations across New Zealand
    Once you have connected or registered your EV with the app, you gain access to all of the exclusive discounts, deals and charging bundles that local businesses around New Zealand are making available to support you as you help to make NZ a petrol-free zone

Power Trip info

 Download the app for Android or iOS today to plan your trips and see what deals you could tap into!
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Then connect to your car with an OBD-II to monitor your trips and gain exclusive access
(Currently Android only)
We recommend this one from Stahlcar
Use the code 'power1' to get a 10% discount

Or rent an electric car and have it all done for you!
Rent an EV in Wellington!