T's and C's

Power Trip app users

When you use Power Trip you are agreeing to, and understanding, the following terms and conditions. 

Using the range estimates

All information Power Trip gives you about your potential driving range is based on our best possible estimates. The estimate can be different to what your actual range is, depending on the type of electric car you drive, the terrain you are driving on, and your driving style. Plan your journeys carefully so you don't run out of juice. We can't be responsible if our best estimate doesn't match your actual range. 

The range estimates use Google Maps. Google Maps rely on an internet and GPS connection to work. If you know you may lose internet connection we suggest you take note of your journey and range estimate before you lose the connection. We're not responsible for the range estimates being inaccurate if you lose internet connectivity. 

Information about charging stations

While we do our very best to make sure charging station information is accurate, we get this information from third parties. We can't guarantee the charging stations shown on the maps will be active and available if you need them. If you find any of the information about charging stations is not accurate, please let us know. 

Using the maps

We use Google Maps. This means we have no control over the information in the maps, e.g. new roads, street names, Google's calculations on what the shortest/best routes are. We're not responsible for any incorrect information in the maps.

OBD devices

For Nissan Leafs (2016 and earlier models) we've found the best OBD device to use with Power Trip is the Stahlcar Nissan LeafSpy OBD2 Bluetooth Tool. Connecting the Power Trip app to your car via the OBD device means we can better estimate your driving range. We can't guarantee this particular OBD will work with your car, we suggest you speak to product manufacturers before deciding which OBD to buy for your car. 

You are responsible for the security of your OBD device. One of the benefits of the Stahlcar OBD device is that it has an on/off switch which may help address security concerns when you are not in the car but the OBD device is still connected. 

Businesses on Power Trip

When offering a deal or advertising your business on Power Trip;

  • You will offer Power Trip app users a product, discount, service or other value (a "deal") they would not otherwise receive. What you offer app users can be the same deal  you offer another restricted group. For example, you might offer a 10% meal discount to super-annuitants, and could also offer this deal to Power Trip app users.

  • By placing a deal on the Power Trip app (by putting the details into the business login on the Power Trip website) you agree to honour the deal you have offered. Power Trip is not responsible for anything about the deal you offer, for example, the quality or quantity.

  • You are responsible for adding any terms and conditions to your deal. For example, if a discounted coffee is available only once per user per day.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure your advertised deals are correct, and remove the deals when you do not wish to offer them to users any more. You can do this via the business login on the Power Trip website. 

  • It is your responsibility to make sure your businesses' details are correct, for example, contact details. You can do this via the business login on the Power Trip website.

  • You agree that you will not use Power Trip to promote products, services, schemes or activities that are illegal, unethical, may cause harm to people using the app or damage the integrity of the app.

  • You acknowledge that Power Trip may choose not to approve your deal and may remove your deal from the app at any time without your consent if we believe it violates these terms and conditions.
  • Privacy statement: you agree that all of the information you provide to Power Trip through the business login is information that will be shared with Power Trip app users. This does not include any information you send us outside of the business login, for example, emails. The information we ask you for in the business login is for the purpose of telling Power Trip app users the details of the deal you are offering them, and to enable the app users to find and/or contact your business. If you wish to remove any information you can either log into the business login and change the information yourself, or contact us and ask us to change it for you. 

Privacy policy

The Power Trip app collects anonymous data (e.g crash reports, device model and operating system) for the purpose of ensuring the app is working properly. We only collect personal information about you (e.g. your name, car registration and contact details.) when you register them within the app.
We will not sell or provide this information to third parties and will only use it to contact you when it is necessary to confirm your registration details or provide you with important updates and alerts.

If you simply use the app without an OBD device, we won't be able to access any information about the places you go. If you do use an OBD device we'll be able to access information about the routes you travel. We promise not to stalk you, or look at your individual driving information, but if you don't want us to have this information you just need to turn off your OBD device. 

For people who are using an OBD device:

  • We may collect and use anonymised information about how many kWh different cars use on different roads, so we can develop more accurate range predictions for parts of New Zealand. For example, we may look at the average kWh Hyundai Ionics use when driving the length of the Desert Road. We can then use this information in our range calculations for the Hyundai Ionic, and if you're an Ionic driver on the Desert Road you'll have a much better picture of how many kWh that trip will use. 
  • The government and industry wants to better understand electric vehicle use and electric vehicle users' needs. In the future we may provide anonymised information about routes popular with electric vehicle drivers to assist with infrastructure planning. We will never provide an individual app user's routes to another party, but we may bundle up information about a number of users' routes for the above purpose.